Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Market treasure

Oh dear, I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore house stuff from charity shops and car-boots until I'd moved house and worked out what we've actually got room for...but then a lovely friend asked me to accompany her to an antique fair and I just couldn't resist. I was, however, fairly restrained.

I picked up these miniature silhouette pictures...

This melamine tray...

and my favourite, this gorgeous deep green glass vase...

now I really must not buy anymore housey stuff until I've moved (which should be pretty soon - fingers crossed)


  1. Oh you are just as bad as me. I am due to be moving home too and try not to go shopping, including charity shops, then on Sunday my brother took me to the bootsale and I came home with some pottery mugs, a footstool and some other bits and bobs. Fortunately, I can leave them at my parents and hide them from my husband, then when I move home I can sneek them in :)
    I am so liking your finds, esp the tray.

    Happy home moving.

  2. Your green vase is fantastic. You have to get these things when you see them otherwise they just go... Umm, just realised I'm not helping, am I? Good luck with moving! K