Monday, 6 June 2011

Yay I got me clogs!

well,well,well, indecisive me finally bought some clogs...

if you read my previous clog post you know that I was concerned about practicality and heel height, well having spent many hours perusing the Lotta from Stockholm website, I had a read of their blog and discovered they also had a low-heeled style in stock, 'could be the ones for me' I thought.

Anyway after a bit of a chat on the phone with the super-helpful and very friendly Lotta I decided to go for these...

and I'm very happy with my choice!

I discovered Lotta from Stockholm thanks to the wonderful Hannah at seeds and stitches - thank you!

also my daughter and I went and got her some cool new loafers for school from the fantastico kate kanzier on leather lane. we love kate kanzier mainly for the following reasons:

1. the shoes are all very stylish

2. they use minimal amounts of leather - the outer shoe is synthetic but the inner is leather-lined, we like this as we are veggies

3. they cost less than other super cool shoes - these loafers were £25

I would never have known about kate kanzier if it hadn't been for artemis russell and her always beautiful and inspiring blog junkaholique


  1. Love those red clogs, they are so cute! I'm also a big fan of kate kanzier... discovered her shop a couple of years ago and have been obsessed since!

  2. Thank you Sally, I'm really pleased with them too!