Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lemon table mat

I bought this lemon design table mat from jenny duff last week, I first saw it at  Mid century Modern back in March and I kept going back to the website to look at it - anyone who's read my clogs posts will know it takes me a while to make purchasing decisions!

anyway, I'm very happy with it, and i actually think it's too good to be a table mat so it's going to go on the wall in my new kitchen. I say 'new kitchen' as things finally seem to be moving forward with my house move, my offers been accepted and solicitors are doing their thing so fingers crossed. I've become pretty jaded with the whole thing as this is the 4th house i've almost moved into, so I won't believe it 'til I'm actually there. This one needs a fair bit of work so I'm looking forward to really making it my own. Watch this space...

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