Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I made a granny square! Phew - what an accomplishment. How do people actually make great big blankets? My fingers hurt after 1 square, I've obviously got to toughen up on the crochet front...

Blogland is full of people making wonderful inspiring stuff. I'm tempted to try this wee bunny from kate at greedy for colour

and I'd like to try covering a jar in crochet like Lucy at Attic 24

Her blog is packed full of inspiring things to make, and she's got some very handy recommendations for good deals on wool - I had no idea how expensive yarn was until I started this knitting/crocheting malarky, I was quite shocked. I need to find a way to fund my habit quick-sharp (wanna buy a granny square:)!).

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Crafty Therapy

When I began this blog I was feeling blue to put it mildly, the last few years haven't been easy, it seems like all the bad stuff has come at once, ranging from the utterly tragic to the simply disappointing. The thing is I don't seem to have had any control over anything that's happened, it's like it's all just been thrown at me - and it keeps on coming, I've had more bad news this week which I can't really explain without going into a whole sorry saga.


My point right now is not really to have a big old moan but rather to say how therapeutic it is to just focus on making things and learning some simple practical skills. I find that when I'm trying to crochet my tiny hearts or knit a square i'm not worrying about the bigger things in life. As self-medicating goes, I'd say crochet is a pretty healthy option (Ooh get me - so rock'n'roll).

So there we have it. Instead of rolling around drunk or racking up the credit card bills I've got a nice bit of bunting!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Crochet Heart Bunting

As a crochet beginner I was looking at some blogs in the hope of finding some inspiration and I came across Julia Crossland's blog and this rather wonderful tiny heart bunting, I like it because I think it's pretty without being too twee and it's also relatively simple for an absolute beginner like me. Julia has been kind enough to include a very straightforward tutorial on her blog so there was no excuse not to have a go.

And these are the rather beginnerish little hearts I've completed so far...

I used the recommended wool - Rowan handknit cotton, it comes in a really gorgeous range of colours. I bought mine from English Yarns, I ordered them online and they arrived the next day.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

crochet flowers!

I've made these flowers now and I'm feeling very proud! I must admit they are all a bit wonky, but, hey, practise makes perfect and all that.

The one above is the first project in the book First Crochet, I found it incredibly fiddly to do and I'm not too sure about the result, does it look a bit like a squashed spider or is that just me?

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

crochet madness

Oh crikey why am I doing this to myself!?
I started to teach myself to crochet today, now my hands hurt, my wool's in a big mess and I want to scream! It's so sodding fiddly it's driving me NUTS. Why can't I just be as good as this straight away!!!

These images are from Emma Lamb's etsy shop, they don't fully illustrate the fabulous stuff she makes, have a look at her blog to get a better idea.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Get knitted

I've been thinking for ages that I wish I could knit, both my Mum and Granny were super amazing knitters so I feel some responsibility to carry on the tradition. I could never be as good as them as they both began in young childhood but maybe I could accomplish something very basic.

My Granny used to knit tiny perfect clothes for my dolls and teddies when I was little. Here's a dress she knitted for one of my dolls...

I framed it as I think it's so lovely.

According to my Mum the drawback was that pretty much every item of clothing she had as a child was knitted, including pants and swimming costumes. I remember her telling me about the scratchy blue knitted swimming costume that she had and how it would sag to her knees when wet - can you imagine?! Anyway one day her little dog ate it and she felt indebted to him for ever after. (the best bit was that apparently his poo was blue for several days). I'm sure I've seen a photo of her in the famous cossie but I can't find it now so here's one of her in a knitted dress and cardi, taken in April 1940...

My Mum before the famous 'dog ate my swimming costume incident'. I love the nonchalant pose.

Here's a hat my Mum knitted for me about 20 years ago...
I still wear it when it's really cold

She knitted this adorable cardigan(and many many others)when my daughter was a baby
- a stylish chick

So you see all in all I've got quite a lot to live up to, no pressure then eh?

Here is my first attempt to knit a square, as you can see it's pretty appalling and full of holes...

My 2nd square - a little better I think...

3rd square - improving but could do better (I do feel quite a sense of achievement though)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mirror, mirror

Someone was chucking out this old mirror, it's wooden frame had been painted gold, and even though I didn't much like it, I couldn't resist rescuing it, so me and my small assistants set to work painting it light grey...

what do you think?

I also liked the reflections it caught as it lay flat on its back drying in the garden

Monday, 4 April 2011

Car boot bargains

I picked up a few bargains at a boot fair this weekend...

I'm really pleased with these storage jars - only 50p each!!

Nice old books, particularly penguins, are always a good thing.

I found these old playing cards too

and this book full of colourful prints of birds. I thought I'd cut some out and stick them on my wall, however, although some are quite beautiful I've discovered some pictures of birds really give me the creeps - I think it's the feet.

quite charming...

a bit creepy...


Friday, 1 April 2011

Dreaming of Totokaelo

I love online clothes shop Totokaelo, it sells really wearable cool stuff. The best thing about it is is the shop by look section, I can spend a dangerously long time browsing and planning my perfect outfits. Sadly day dreaming is all I can do at the moment as they are based in Seattle and the clothes are a bit out of my budget anyway. But it's given me a lot of good ideas.

Also the shoes are just so perfect...

Wasn't there a weird 80's group called totokaelo who wore bin bags and sang about eating cannibals????